The Perfect Homemade Gift for Everyone (Gift Certificate)

Whenever a special occasion comes around, it’s normal to spend a little time freaking out about what gift to get for that special someone. You run around deciding between perfume, a spa treatment, a day on the water or dinner and a movie. If anxiety is the first word that comes to mind when deciding on a gift, I’ve got the perfect solution for all of your gifting needs!

A gift certificate, especially one that you spend time making yourself, is the perfect gift for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s and any special day in between; are all great times to whip up your very own certificate of love. Now there are some key things to think about when getting ready to create your own gift certificate masterpiece.

The first one is that you want your certificate theme to match whatever the occasion is for giving it. For instance, if you’re giving a gift certificate for a birthday, you won’t want Christmas trees to be the main theme. Perhaps a birthday cake, or colorfully decorated presents would be a better fit. So be sure to take that into account when using the following gift certificate templates. I’ve been using them for a while now, and can tell you that they have a solid selection of quality and creative templates for any gift certificate you may need.

As an avid homemade gift connoisseur though-which basically means I’m a nerd-I love to have a back up plan for my back up plan. And I also realize that not everyone thinks like I do, although it’s a shame to admit it. If you aren’t pleased with the selection on the this website I listed, there are two other sites I use on occasion. The first one is, (Gift Certificate Templates | Free place to get gift certificates) which provides a good collection of certificate templates. This template website is great for users of the Word platform. No switching gears, which means streamlined and easy creating.

The second back up website is (Microsoft® Office Templates – This website offers free gift certificates, and also gives an interesting peak into gift certificate history.

Now creating your own gift certificates, while a little bit like high school art class, takes some thoughtfulness before you get started. There are some things to take into account before you hit the print button. First of all, you’ll want your color schemes to match the occasion and personality of the recipient. If your gal loves green and it’s your anniversary, try to incorporate hearts and her favorite color into the certificate as well. Or if your guy’s kind of mellow, maybe a nice blue shade would do the trick.

A second thing to consider is what you’d like to convey with the gift certificate. Just saying “Happy Birthday” might not mean as much as saying something like, “I hope today Rocks! Happy Birthday.” Try to incorporate something about your feelings for the person, or your relationship, into your gift certificate.

And last but not least,you’ll want to be sure and print your gift certificates on high quality printing paper. Photo paper is a good choice, as long as the ink doesn’t smear once the printing is completed. And for obvious reasons, the thicker the paper the better. So take some time in choosing which printing paper to use.

When it comes to homemade gifts, there’s never a time when they aren’t appreciated. It takes time and thought to work on a homemade creation, and the sentiment is always appreciated. So for that next wedding, or Bar Mitzvah; think about making a gift certificate. It’s an easy and unique way to express your heartfelt wishes for the person you’re giving it to.