Team Meeting Agenda Template

What is a Team Meeting Agenda

The Microsoft® Team Meeting Agenda Template is a premade template used to help keep meetings moving along efficiently and on track. There are several fields that the user must populate including, Meeting Controlled by, Type of Meeting, Facilitator, Note Take and Timekeeper. There is another area to list the attendees, request meeting-goers to read specific materials or to bring specific items. Below this information is an agenda where the meeting holder can list the topics, who will be presenting them and the allotted time.

Improving Business with Team Meeting Agendas

This template can greatly improve business because it helps to ensure meetings are conducted within the specified amount of time. That way, all participants will remain on topic at all times and discuss only the most critical issues of the meeting. It also helps to keep all information discussed during the meeting in one place and assign action items to those who attended. Once the meeting has finished, the note take can distribute the information to necessary parties in a clean and organized fashion.

Team Meeting Agenda Template,