Service Level Agreement Template

A service level agreement is a contract usually entered into between two parties-the party offering the service and the customer receiving the service. To ensure that everyone is properly covered before services are rendered, a service level agreement should be signed by everyone involved. Here are some key components to include in the agreement.

Serviceman Duties

All of the services that the contractor or service company is expected to provide should be clearly stated in the service level agreement. For instance, if the plumber is commissioned to fix one toilet in your home or business and inspect the pipes connected to the kitchen sink, these expectations should be clear. This keeps the customer from having to pay for services he/she did not ask for. This section of the agreement will also protect the contractor and will help him/her to verify that services were indeed rendered.


The service level agreement should state the exact amount that the customer will pay the company or person rendering the service. The document should also detail the terms of compensation. For instance, if half of the total amount owed to the service professional is due when an appointment is booked and the other half is due upon completion of service, the agreement should state this.

Times and Deadlines

No service agreement is complete without clear details about when the service project will start and end. The contract should also outline how many hours per day the service professionals will spend on said project. For example, contractors that have been hired to remodel a kitchen should have a service level agreement which describes that the project will be ongoing for a month, and that contractors are to work three hours a day until the project is completed.

For a service level agreement template, feel free to check our website for the document you need. We’ve provided the framework for you; simply fill in the contract with the particulars, and your service level agreement is complete.

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