Receipt card template (Avery)

Any homemaker who has been cooking for very long has her or his own set of recipe cards. Usually these are plain, worn at the edges, and spotted with food stains.

Now, however, Avery has come up with a way to make recipe cards that look professional, with personal touches even a gourmet cook would like. Avery cards come in sheets that can be printed on your home printer, made of heavy card stock, and with perforations to individually remove each recipe card.

Our Avery receipt card template gives you the option to customize your recipe cards any way you like. Give free reign to your artistic talents by adding drawings, personal notes, and unusual fonts to your recipe cards. Include a food image if you want. The Avery receipt card template gives you the freedom to move around the elements on your recipe card, and size them as needed. Every Avery receipt card template we offer here can be used easily by updating content through Microsoft® Word 2007 or later version.

4 x 6 Receipt card template (Avery),



3 x 5 Receipt card template (Avery),