PTA Agenda Template

PTA meetings are an important function in any school. They provide an organized meeting schedule for parents and teachers, so that important programs and issues directly relating to the welfare of schoolchildren are discussed. Current needs are identified, and volunteers are organized to implement solutions for problems. PTA meetings get parents involved in the daily school life of their children.

PTA meeting agenda is a formally written record of the events of a PTA meeting. Very often, the issues and events discussed in one meeting will directly affect what happens in the next meeting, so it is important to have a clear written record of what occurs during each meeting. Meeting agenda usually follows a pre-structured format, which makes it easier to maintain order in the meeting and make sure that all relevant issues are discussed. The previous meeting’s agenda is recited at the beginning of the next meeting, to remind all participants of what last occurred.

PTA meeting agenda are frequently also published in school websites and news sources, to inform students and non-participants of the meetings of the issues that are discussed, and the activities that result from them. A PTA agenda template is very helpful in typing up the agenda of each meeting as it ensues.

Without a agenda template, it is easy to forget to notate issues as they are being quickly discussed in a meeting. A PTA agenda template gives you an easy outline in which to insert information on your computer, so that you don’t lose relevant minutes of the meeting. It contains a pattern which allows sections for each important talking point in the meeting, with areas to put the amount of time it was discussed and the person who brought it up.

The PTA agenda template also has an area on it for listing the names of those who attended the meeting, as well as the person who called the meeting to order, with areas for date and time. It is available to be downloaded free for your use.

PTA Agenda Templates Preview,

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