Gift Certificate Template

What to get the person who has it all? Or the person who needs it all? And when exactly are we supposed to go out and shop for all these gifts when we are busy at home, at work and trying to keep up with our friends and families? The answer lies in creating thoughtful and ingenious gift certificates. For the past few years the use of gift certificates has increased in popularity. Not only do they save the shopper time, but they also allow for targeted and personalized interactions.

For example, a new mom may not want a scarf or cute handbag when what she really needs is some time to have a warm dinner and go to the movies with her husband. By creating a gift certificate valid for 3 hours of baby-sitting you will make that new mom extremely happy, and she will be touched that you were able to assess what her true need was. The same is true for a parent that struggles with his child’s homework. A gift certificate for one-on-one homework sessions (facilitated by you) will mean a lot more than a new platter. You may even want to take it a step further and offer a friend in the Northeast to come down and visit and stay at your place in Florida. None of these options will cost you any more than the piece of paper in which you print your gift certificate and some goodwill, making it inexpensive yet thoughtful.

For those business owners looking to raise awareness of their brand, gift certificates can be a great marketing tool. You can easily design a promotion encouraging your loyal customers to bring a friend in exchange of a discount. Or you can create one for a basic service that gives you that drives traffic through the door and allows you the opportunity to up sell. There are many different ways in which you can use a gift certificate to further promote your brand.

If you are into this new trend but worry of what exactly you are going to present as a gift you should stop worrying. By just one click of this website you can download free gift certificate templates that will meet your every need. Easy to modify by changing colors and formats, you are sure to find a template that fits your personality. All free gift certificate templates are compatible with Microsoft® Word for even easier access from your office or home computer.

Templates are so easy to use that you can even use them for your children. Through custom-made gift certificates using one of our free templates, you can reward your child for good behavior, milestones and successes. Valid for a play date with a friend, or an hour of TV, or even a trip to the movies without siblings, they will all hold a special place in your child’s heart.

So do not shy away from making that special moment even more special with a personalized gift certificate. Simply download, modify as needed and print in your preferred paper on your own time and from your own home. You are guaranteed to be hit!

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