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Owning a business is not an easy thing. It is not enough to have a great product and believe in it to make it successful. Having a qualified sales force, competent customer service representatives, ethical and effective management and be in the right location are also essential components to a company’s success. Sometimes all of these roles are rolled into one person (think for example a business selling handmade crafts on and sometimes they are divided and specific to individuals (for example a large corporation such as Wal-Mart). Critical too to the longevity and sustainability of a business is its ability to effectively market itself to appropriate audiences in the appropriate places.

Small business owners are often challenged with the transactional part of promoting a business. They may visit a great potential client who requests a quote for services only to realize that they do not know how to put a quote together. Or they may be uncertain of how much or how little information should go on it. Without being able to fulfill this behind-the-scenes aspect to the business, the owner may risk losing time, talent and treasure while he figures it out.

Most successful businesses are consistent along their practices. They have clear guidelines (hopefully in writing) of how things are done and why. They know how much it costs for them to make a product and how much they need to sell it for in order to make a profit. Take for example business owner. Imagine someone named Amy who makes personalized baby blankets to sell on this popular website. Amy knows that it takes her 1 hour to complete a blanket (assume her time is worth $15 per hour) and she spends $5 on materials. She also knows that shipping will cost about $5 per item. Altogether, she sells her blankets for $30, which allows her to make a profit of $5. By knowing all of this, Amy is able to put together a price list, which not only makes it easy for her to view her revenues and expenses, but also allows her to see where she has some room for negotiation. This price list is essential for all businesses to run a streamlined operation that is responsive to changes in its environment.

Price lists have often been used not only for reference on knowing the price of a product, but also as a marketing tool. The company’s price list is helpful in illustrating the different quantities in which a price may change. For example, if someone orders 10 blankets from Amy, she may give a volume discount to change the price to $27 per item because she can buy cheaper fabric in wholesale quantities. Her price list allows knowing this at a glance as well as providing a quote to the customer quickly and accurately. Being able to quickly provide a price list that reflects the corporate identity is up-to-date and accurate makes a difference in the customer’s perception of the business transaction.

A good price list will include the name of the item or service being provided, its description and the price. It will also include the company’s name, address, contact information and any other relevant charges or information applicable to an order such as shipping charges or lead time to order, etc.

Creating a price list should not be a time-consuming or intimidating process, but it is crucial to have a price list for your company. For the convenience of everyone needing one, several price list templates have been created and are available for easy download. They can be customized very easily so the user can add his company’s logo as well as change colors and layout if he or she so desires. Changing products, prices and descriptions in our downloadable price list is very easy, allowing for quick response and customization. Although our solutions are applicable for all, the degree of easy customization makes it so your downloaded price list is unique to your business identity, giving the customer a professional appearance and efficiency upon receiving it.

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