Newsletter template (4 pages, Word)

Despite the capabilities of the Internet, the speed of e-mail, the brevity of texting and whatever new version of electronic communication may come up, there is still something special about holding a document in your hand which proclaims, “John Doe, Employee of the Year.”

The company newsletter is the best way of doing this because it provides a keepsake for those whose names are mentioned, those who receive awards, those that are recognized for innovative ideas and all the other good things that employees do, but often go unnoticed by the other employees.

The colorful, and well organized newsletter template displayed here is an excellent example of what a newsletter can do and how it can be used. This particular newsletter was designed in Microsoft® Word and is compatible with the 2007 and 2013 versions of the product.

There are several key features that need to be recognized including:

All the fields are editable. Changes can be made. The color scheme can be changed as desired.

There is no limit to the number of pages. In the example, the newsletter is designed for three pages, with the lower-half of the back page reserved for mailing information.

Users can add and delete any field.

Thus, the three-page newsletter can be a two-page or four-page newsletter. The mailing space can be eliminated, if the newsletter is going to be distributed internally inside the office.

The newsletter once created can also be saved in a PDF format and e-mailed to all the recipients. Thus, the template offers the opportunity of using creative designed method that can be converted to a permanent document and e-mailed as an attachment.

Electronic news certain has its place in the business world. However, the printed newsletter has a greater sense of longevity and provides that personal connection that can turn a group of employees into a more cooperative and productive workforce.

Newsletter template,