Meet Jamie

Hi Friends, I am Jamie. I am mom of 4 little children, two sets of twins! Oh really! I married a sweet boy from Greece (actually my sweetheart)! I was graduated in Elementary Education. This is a fact and I know that LOVE being a mommy (Greatest Job Ever). By following my one of the desired passion I give a start to “Wild About Learning” where I teach some little angels of 3 and 4 years old.

Some of my favorite things to do are find and describe new education tips, friends and family trips, Movies and photography, Eating new sweet dishes, Date with a boy! oh yes of course with my hubby and lovely nights with him. But the strange thing is I am also interested in blogging.

Here is my first favorite blog in the service of every one. Give me your best wishes to keep up this passion. I start Save Word Templates as my personal project for general public. I start this project when I was in need of some templates and after a very long search, that bore me, I find some useful stuff and actually I buy it. But I think this stuff should be FREE for every one as well as easy to search.

In short story, If someone needs a gift certificate template and wants to make it special, There are two possibilities, One is to design it by self and second is to find it on internet but in free stuff. But unfortunately there is not any website who offers the free and useful templates.

So, I start my project for free and useful templates. I design them by myself and fill every template with creativity. I design every template with adjustable functions and designs and I am very excited and amazed at the support and love I have had. My users were enjoying and demanding for more templates, so I decide to make this project more professional. This was the time to hire a team and I did it. Now I love sharing many more free templates stuffs and tips to design it more affectionately.