Free Letterhead Templates

You should never underestimate the power of a business letter head despite its size. Regardless of the nature of your business, letterheads are one of the most powerful tools you can use to establish your enterprise. Letterheads are commonly used in business correspondences such as letters, memorandums and billing information. If you are on the fence about using letterheads, here are some reasons why you should use them.


Your letterhead is like your brand name and personal representative. When you use them in your correspondences, it announces your presence and conveys your professionalism. First impressions last and because letterheads can make a lasting impression on your clients, it is imperative that it exudes quality and professionalism.


If you own a business, then one of the best ways to make people aware of your services is by using a letterhead in all your correspondences. It is like your mini billboard and helps to get your word out there. Contrary to popular belief, letterheads are not just for big companies and you don’t need to have a lot of money to use them. In fact, if you have just started your business, using business letter heads is a very inexpensive way to make people aware of your goods and services.


A business letterhead also lends itself to credibility and acts like a seal of approval. Once you have a letterhead, people more readily accept your business as a legitimate. People also accept information printed on letterheads as it is makes everything more official. For example a customer who receives his bill in the mail, won’t second guess that he is being scammed when a letterhead is used for the correspondence.

What to Include on Your Letterhead Template:

The primary reason for using a letterhead is to provide information about your business. A complete professional letterhead will include the following:

  • Business name- this is one of the most important information that needs to be included on your letterhead. A nameless letterhead would defeat the entire purpose.
  • Company Logo – It is generally a good idea to have a company logo on your letterhead. This makes it harder for anyone else to forge information under the guise of your business. You can get a professional to design your logo for you.
  • Contact information – your contact information including your address, telephone number, website and email address are also to be included on your business letterhead. People can use it as a point of reference whenever they need to get in touch with you. First impressions last and you should ensure that your letterhead makes a good lasting impression on your clients. This cannot be achieved if your letterhead is not professionally done. You can get your letterhead templates designed in Microsoft® Word by experts in the field who will ensure that your letterhead conveys the message that you want. There are a variety of advantages of using letter head templates. Below are some advantages of using letterhead templates.
  • There is no limit to the number of times that you can use a letterhead template.
  • It saves time. The other option is to hire a graphic designer and taking hours of your time to peruse edits. You may also have to wait many days or even weeks to see the finished job.
  • Cost effective. If you have a small budget, a letterhead template is your best option and can save you hundreds of dollars you would pay to hire a designer.
  • The design and layout can be customized to suit you.
  • It is easy to be modified and therefore enables you to easily change the fonts, and color scheme anytime you want. In addition, if you ever decide to change your business name or logo, it will not be a hassle to do so.
  • A letterhead template created in Microsoft® word is allows you to make changes on your own.

You can download a free letterhead template from website. All templates are professionally designed. You can save a lot of time and money by using letterhead templates because they are easy to use, modifiable and easy to print. You can also easily change the color scheme, font and company logo anytime that you want.

Easter Big Eggs Letterhead Template,

Use this letterhead and introduce your services for newborns. This template is specially designed for new born babies such as it can be used for the products and services of baby shower, baby stationery, baby announcements etc.



Baby Carriage Letterhead Template,

Here is professionally designed and user friendly to customize baby carriage letterhead. Use this template for kid’s stationery.




Company Letterhead Template,

A professional company letterhead template with proper fields for company’s logo, name, address, contact, letter and tagline.  Change the icons of cat, rabbit and dong with your products.



Small Business Letterhead Template,

Use this letterhead design for your personal or small business. Update light background with your products or services.



Business Letterhead Template,

Use this template and complete your professional tasks. This template is designed in a very simple and neat format so it can be suitable for almost all businesses.



Blossom Beauty Letterhead Template,

If your business is about beauty salon, relation, wedding, dating etc then here is a professional version. Use this letterhead template to introduce your services in professional way.



Relation & Beauty Letterhead Template,

Here is another letterhead format to attract your readers. We love the design as it is but you can give your desired touch just in few minutes.



Solution Letterhead Template,

Here is another letterhead for wedding and relationship. Use this template for wedding stationery & event planner businesses.



Spring Letterhead Template,

Here is attractively designed spring letterhead format. Use this template for holiday or event purposes.



Personal Letterhead Template,

A personal business letterhead with blank fields for your business name, address, tagline and letter.