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Gift Certificates Then ‘n Now

From days gone by Scrip (Gift certificate) the term Scrip was used back then, as a form of credit/legal tender. Many coal towns, ships, various companies and military bases, all paid their employees with Scrip or IOU’s. It was and is used in a similar way as cash.

During wartime, in remote, yet poor areas, scrip gave workers a choice or a way to buy food and dry goods from the company store when wages were depleted. At times it could be exchanged for cash but, nowhere near the actual face value.

During the 1800’s when Andrew Jackson was President, he issued Specie Circular, because of credit shortages. They even, use scrip to pay for federal land which was later on referenced the dividends, gift cards/certificates, the stock market and even the chips used in casinos today, as well as the virtual money used online.

By 1930’s Vouchers were issued in the United Kingdom, as another form of gift giving. In the 60’s the original Green Stamps were born (the S & H Green Stamps in the U.S. was similar to the original Green Stamps) saving stamps to purchase gifts from a catalogue. In the 70’s the voucher became the first mult retailer gift voucher. In the 80’s Woolworth and Marks & Spencer’s were on board.

A history state, in 1991 Blockbuster was first, to introduce a gift card; replacing their gift certificate. Soon after Neiman Marcus and Starbucks joined in on the gift card movement. Now on the futuristic side, we not only have bar coded/magnetic strip(s) gift cards, but special mobile applications to download to our smartphone(s). Who Knew? The more we change the more we stay the same.

Birthday Gift Certificate Template for Kids:

Perfect for the kids, this template is designed for both boys and girls and allows you to customize what you are giving them. Easily add their names to give it that personal flair and if you are giving them a gift of money as well there is a field that allows you to enter the amount. more info

Twins Birthday Gift Certificate Template


Birthday gift certificate template by

Monster University Gift Certificate:

Here we designed a monster university gift certificate template. Use this as school gift certificate for children, student gift certificate, educational gift certificate, college gift certificates, scholastic gift certificates, printable gift certificates for kids or anywhere related to kids or educational category. This gift certificate is specially designed for kids and schools.



Business Gift Certificate Template


Business Gift Certificate for Word


DownloadFloral Design


DownloadRoyal Design

DownloadFlower Border


Flower Corner Gift Certificate



Valentine Gift Certificate,

Valentine is a day to give and take gifts. Some gives chocolates, perfumes and some gives dresses and other things but sometimes these gifts do not fits well and at this place a gift certificate is a perfect gift. You can give a valentine gift certificate, so your beloved can buy a gift of his/her own choice.



Beauty Gift Certificate Template:

Use beauty gift certificate to celebrate a special day of your personal or professional life. Just download, customize and print.


Spring Festival Gift Certificate:

Here is a gift certificate for spring festival. You can use this template to attract your customers in the spring festival and boost-up your sale.



Business Gift Certificate:

Here is a simple green business gift certificate for the use of your profession. This template can be use for any type of professional or personal use.



Elegant Gift Certificate:

Here is our elegant style of gift certificate. Just add your professional or personal details and get started with this style gift card.



Health Gift Certificate:

A Gift Certificate for the use of gym or health center. You can easily add your gift certificate information and can get started.


DownloadLoved ones Gift Certificate:

This gift certificate template is just created for someone special. You can use this template of gift certificate for any of your loved one that’s doesn’t matter it is for business of personal.



Flake Gift Certificate:

Here is a flake design with white simple and clean touch . Use of this type of gift certificate (gift card) in the winter session, Christmas season is a very nice idea.



Multi-Box Gift Certificate:

Use multi-box gift certificate template for your loved once, students, best friends or office employees.



Circles Gift Certificate:

Here is a design of geometric circles for a technical gift certificate template. You just need to download and get started with this attractive template.



Thanks Gift Certificate:

Here this design of gift certificate template is for thank you, but this is not required that you can’t use this template for another purpose.




Woman Gift certificate

Here is woman gift certificate template. That’s doesn’t matter you are searching on a gift certificate for birthday, valentines or graduation if there is a female you cant be wrong in selecting a perfect gift certificate for a woman. This template is useful for every occasion.



Award Gift Certificate:

This is award certificate template. Use award gift certificate template to make feel special and proudly to loved one. Gift certificate is designed in sharp and attractive color scheme. Template has specific spaces for each step as your message, amount, Recipient, Presenter.



Simple Gift Certificate:

This is a simple gift certificate template, you can use it for any kind of purpose like you can use it is birthday gift certificate template and also for your business purposes like discount gift certificate template etc…



Colorful Gift certificates – 3 per page

Here we added colorful gift certificates can be use for any purpose specially for events. Use these 3 per page gift certificates as congratulations gift certificate, send birthday wishes gift certificate, or as thank you gift certificate template.



A gift certificate, is like a pre-paid visa gift card (instead it’s on paper and may or may not have an expiration date but definitely an authorized signature from an establishment) making your shopping trip easier to buy something special. Whether you are giving or on the receiving end, the gift certificate is valuable and comes in a wide variety of styles for any occasion; like birthdays, holidays, activities/sports, opera or baby showers.

Many people today, like to give gift certificates to fit the occasion via from their own home or office computer, using a non-expensive professional designed template. Usually the templates are simple and easy to use including graphics with the greatest quality of product.

By popular demand the gift certificate is by far the quickest gift to be selected on anyone’s list. Sometimes it’s much easier to give (although some believe it’s an impersonal gift), whereas it allows one to choose a specific item of their choice. It is one of the most welcomed gifts the ladies of the world wants most; however, the men are not far behind.

Businesses, often times use them for promotions or employee incentives. Gift Certificates are cost effective when used within a company, for instance, boosting sales and gaining new customers and turning them into a regular customer. Gift Certificates are also, a kind way of showing gratitude to their regular customers.

One key fact to remember when looking for gift certificate template(s), is that its Free, downloadable, a time saver and easy to use. Choose a template, add in a few words, edit and then print it or save it. Another factor is the quality of paper you use, so if you want to leave a great impression upon the receiver(s) in mind, then use a higher grade of paper.

Think of templates as,

The best idea ever-Year round gift at your fingertips-No extra equipment to buy-Just a few personal touches-Include it in a card, especially for Mom-Excellent gift for the person who has everything.

Here is an array of gift certificate templates and gift cards to suit your particular need. We have designed professional looking templates. Every gift certificate template is New and FREE to download. Remember you can always preview before downloading as well as when you are selecting a gift certificate to send.

The Microsoft® Word templates can accommodate your version of Microsoft® Word 2013, 2010, 2007 or later. It’s always best to update to the required recommendation for better use of the software.

For personal use Save Word Templates provides you with up to date styles of gift certificates to send to family and friends. Who knows, you may start a trend among your family circle.

The themes range from decorations, fashions and accessories for an online gift store. Other themes are Monsters University, a very useful product for children or students, Love, Spa, Snowflakes, awards and so many more…

We have teams of developers, designers and talkies to create all the professional templates and maintain the template to run smoothly. All you need to do is choose the desired template, download it and tweak it to your liking, abiding by the requirements specified for your computer version. You can download a few specific design templates or all of the templates. It is your choice.

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